info about our escape rooms

Our rooms can accommodate up to 8 players per game.   We recommend at least 4 players in our escape rooms for the best chance of success, but it is not required.   Unless you book the entire room, you will probably be playing with others you don’t know.  Take this opportunity to make some new friends!

We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early.   Arriving late shortens your game time and your probability of escaping.

Tickets are $24/person.  If you have a big group, take advantage of our group rates.  When you purchase 4 or more, the tickets are just $21/person.  Bundle your game with our party room if you have a large group that will need to be split into teams.  This allows one team to play while the other team has some refreshments and visits in the party room, then SWITCH!

escape rooms


You were hiking with friends in the Smoky Mountains. You took a wrong turn, and you are hopelessly lost.  As darkness falls and the thunder rolls, you seek shelter in an abandoned cabin. But this is not your typical cabin in the woods.  Something dark has happened here. Can you escape before the owner returns?

This room is a 1 hour adventure.  There are no actors in the room or inappropriate themes for kids. The room is suitable for all ages.

Mona Lisa 2

The renowned art thief, Jon Smith, has stolen the famous Mona Lisa. Your team of detectives has tracked the clever criminal down and found the warehouse where he’s stored his haul. You’ve managed to get into the building without detection, but not long after, the alarm was triggered. Can you find the real Mona Lisa before the thief returns and shuts you down?    Book now to reserve your 1 hour game.

Don’t forget about our party room.  Click here to see party pricing and options.